i cant seem to fakie well

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10/11/2011 1:21 PM

whenever i try to fakie far out of a 180 i always take my foot of the pedal or cant keep straight how do i stop this always had this problem i want to fakie well


10/11/2011 1:35 PM

just practice against a wall or curb and pull back. it will come with practice smile


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10/11/2011 1:49 PM

k its funny how i can flat 360 better than fakie lol thanks


10/11/2011 1:53 PM

I lean back and look at my compression bolt/stem when I fakie. I used to suck really bad at fakies but once I started doing this they got 234523523 times better



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10/11/2011 1:54 PM



10/11/2011 2:46 PM

First of all, check to make sure that your pedals still have good pins, and for not staying straight, if your talking about the fakie, thats normal if you turn the bars slightly back and forth it will help you keep your balance and also leaning back will help you stay straight. hope this helps.


10/11/2011 3:14 PM

thanks again my pedals pins are fine smile


10/11/2011 3:49 PM

oh thing i heard that helped me go straight back a lot was leaning over the back wheel. my front tire stopped grippping and effecting the fakie as much