injury- how do you guys deal with it?

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5/14/2015 6:01 PM

Hi guys, im pretty sure many here have had injuries where the pain is still there years after recovery/treatment/physiotherapy. the kind of pain that triggers every time you do a certain trick. Do you guys just ignore it and continue doing tricks?


5/14/2015 6:22 PM

Never ignore certain pain. Especially if it's chronic. It's your body's way of telling you there is something wrong and to stop. I think there are things that I have done I wished I hadn't done that fucked me real bad.

I think i actually tore a few ligaments in my foot dropping off this big ass roof with no run up. Bad decisions really. It basically ripped a bunch of ligaments and fucked up. It healed fine but this foot has a bulge in the middle now. So it's not awful. But the only thing I can't do is stand for a super long time with no sitting. It messes it up. I can still run, maybe not as fast but it's fine.

The biggest problem was probably having to not exercise or anything for a whole month. Took weeks to get back to where I was at riding and to actually go big and not be in serious pain again. I thought it was healed at one point and rode and did a big jump to flat and fucked it up again. So I ended up going to the doctors. Which was whatever. They took X-Rays but I knew i needed an MRI because it was so obviously muscular. It probably messed that foot joint up real bad.

And as with foot injuries. The more rest the better. It's about a year since the injury and It's almost fully healed to the point where I don't notice it. But i sure as hell could use a foot massage after a long day at work!!

I had a few trigger tricks at one point, but I'm good now. I think by september everytime i would barspin my foot would hurt terribly and I'd need to stop for a while.

I'm finally not having any problems while riding and think I'm ready to really go all out FINALLY. I used to be able to drop bigger sets without worrying, but now I think twice!

Whenever you feel pain you have 2 options. Wait and let it heal, or figure out a way to prevent it from being re injured. If you have shoes that hurt, insoles, if you have a knee that is messed up, a brace, tennis elbow, also a brace. etc.


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5/14/2015 6:38 PM

im a dumbass. i ignore pain and walk it off. tell mself if it hurts in a month as bad ill go

fucked up my knee back shoulders hands ankles and feet.

idk they aint ever been right ya know?

so dont walk it off

i also dont have any insurance or anything


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5/15/2015 6:52 AM

When I get hurt, I take time off my bike to heal. Then I try to "rehab" the area some, and I take it easy until I know I am in decent shape to throw down.


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5/15/2015 7:29 AM

It depends on the injury. Some you can't ignore, some don't heal, and some can't be fixed.

I have a "dislocated" rib it popped out from sternum and i refer to it as the big red button. It's been like that since 2003. For that one strengthing has made it nearly forgettable (unless I fall on it, then it hurts like a cool giant man tittes help the rest of my chest compensate for it, it used to move around over the years it stopped.

I have a shifted pelvis and a deteriorating disc right above my tailbone, which can't be fixed. It doesn't hurt much but it's terribly limiting, I simply can't jump as high as I could before. My lowerback just feels like a weak link connecting my upper and lower body. The muscles are always tight from overcompensating so they no longer respond correctly, like there fatigued.

I have seven ankle fractures in my left ankle from landing flat from really high places for years. Which I ignore but shouldn't. It needs surgery.

I have a broken sesmoid bone in my right foot, due to poor circulation of your feet that snapped bone will never heal, it's the size of a pea. I was reccomended by the surgeon to not get half of it removed if the pain is tolerable because the removal has a high likelyhood of making it worse.

Any joint related injuries or pains. I outright stop riding until the pain subsides, sore knees, wrists, and elbows = overuse generally. It means take a break.


5/15/2015 1:02 PM

It depends, i can usually tell whether the pain is coming from something really bad that needs to be fixed or if the pain is just like a non serious pain. I'll ride through pain if i think everything is fine, it can actually make me ride better sometimes because everything is more extreme then. I rode with a cracked collarbone and a snapped titanium plate on it because when i broke it i went to the doctor and the x-rays didn't show any breaks. It hurt a lot but i still progressed my riding. After a while it hadn't gotten better so i went back to the doctor and it turned out he had just not looked close enough at the x-rays and i had broken my bone again like i originally thought.


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5/15/2015 3:11 PM

I just tore my ligaments in my left foot in an air cast , got anti inflammatorys but fuck it its May long going out drinking I'll save the pills for when the partyings