is there anything that beats this deal for full chromo bike?

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10/28/2016 2:31 PM

the 2017 mongoose legion L100 is full chromoly and fully sealed for $300, the closest thing I could find as far as full chromoly and sealed everything is the kink whip at $420

do you think this is the best complete bike deal out there?


10/28/2016 3:00 PM

Kind of. It's lacking with some of the other parts. The tyres and stem are probably garbage


10/28/2016 3:28 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/28/2016 3:32 PM

i have the 2017 kink whip hamlin.... i researched for months before i bought it, my opinion is that it is the best bang for your buck 100% chromo complete you can get right now....$420, and with danscomp coupon code you can get it even cheaper with free shipping


11/15/2016 12:05 PM

Just because it's full chromo don't mean shit. I bet a full hi-ten Sunday is actually a stronger frame. Mongoose is using full chromoly so you buy the bike. It's probably thin gauge with shitty welds. When I was a kid mongoose made very good bikes. 20 years ago they were the best, but times have changed. I wouldn't trust a mongoose or any full chromoly bike that's $200.


11/15/2016 12:10 PM

I was talking about the mode 900. Maybe the l100 is a decent bike, but come on it mongoose. I personally would never give money to any BMX company that sells bikes at Walmart. Look into good rider owned company's. Fit or s&m are awesome