khe acb reverse freecoaster maintenance

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2/16/2010 12:38 AM

Ok so my bike that is on the way has a khe acb reverse freecoaster. They said the maintenance is simple just every so often put some grease on it when you hear it clicking. Sound about right or no? Should I run just a regular chain like what is on the bike or a half link or eehhh?? Advice?? Those riding one, you like it?

What lube ya be using lol? I saw the posts earlier of folks telling some kid to use semen and female lubes and shit hahaha... but yeah REALLY what are some legit products?


2/16/2010 1:09 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/16/2010 1:09 AM

for freecoaster hubs use white lithium or some other grease of similar constancy.. run whatever chain you want. its very important that you take your hub apart completely and change the slack to how you want it as well as using this experience to learn how to take it apart. look on khe's site to learn how to do this. grease goes on the driver screw that attaches to the clutch. do not put grease on the teeth of the clutch. do not wait till it starts clicking. after a month or so take the entire hub apart and clean it and replace the grease, there could be metal shavings from breaking the hub in.


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2/16/2010 1:43 AM
Edited Date/Time: 2/16/2010 3:55 AM

Thanks for the info. Guess maybe I got a lot to learn then lol. Ok I found the stuff on KHE's site. Guess I gotta learn wheel building too lol. The bike is used so the hub should already be broke in, right?