kick ass street spot

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2/23/2014 11:19 PM



2/23/2014 11:33 PM

maybe with some wax, looks mediocre at best. only real thing that could probably be done on it are rail/ledge tricks like feeble the rail with your back peg on the rail, front wheel on the ledge, but that would need some wax to slide the ledge better

stair looks good but sadly there's a curb in front of it, might be able to hit it with a 360 & squeeze through the opening though


2/24/2014 3:10 AM



2/24/2014 3:55 AM

You will be kicked from that spot immediately from the looks of it. All clean & kept up, and those type of stores care about their surroundings. I would keep looking, man.


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Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.

2/24/2014 6:42 AM

Chuck8273 wrote:

You will be kicked from that spot immediately from the looks of it. All clean & kept up, and those type of stores care ...more


You'd be kicked out in no time not that good a spot either


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2/24/2014 7:14 AM

As some people says, you would be kicked pretty fast. Looks good to me.




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2/24/2014 9:30 AM

Go ride on the horse statue!


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2/24/2014 12:56 PM

I wasnt gonna post anything cuz "dont say anything if its not nice" yadda yadda...

not trying to rain on your parade BUT, biggybuggy you spit so much bullshit I cant help myself. If you're stoked on this new spot, cool. But in what way is this even remotely a kick ass street spot? The stuff you say really makes me question whether you actually ride a bike

I would call this a kick ass street spot

This one is somewhat kick ass too. And these are just the blown out spots that everyone in la knows already


Even this ledge I would say is good, but definitely not kick ass. Unlike the ledge in your picture though 1) it'll actually slide 2) its fun to gap over the grass into the street 3) you wont get kicked out in a second