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6/24/2017 5:57 PM


Newbie - I am sure this topic has been beat to death, but... indulge me. Just trying to hook my boy up.

My son races dirtbikes, no stranger to bumping bars, falling, and winning...sometimes in the same race.

Just took to BMX racing.

He's 7, 54 pounds, rides a redline Proline Junior.

He's still a novice, but seems like a sandbagger, had not lost until today. I took him to a state qualifier race, and true to form, he passed for the lead - then he over spun his pedals, lost his footing, racked up his shin and coasted for a 2nd place.

I figure the gearing is not keeping up with his little legs.

His cassette is 14 chain wheel 38.

Any recommendations? I know the next bike up (quality wise), runs a 44/16 which is essentially the same gearing.

thanks for any help, links, etc.



6/24/2017 11:28 PM

The simplest way would be to get a smaller cog for the cassette, or a bigger chainring up front if you want a higher gear (or vice versa if you want a lower gear). 1 more/less tooth on the cassette, or a couple of teeth on the chainring should be enough