kink barrier 2014 200$ questions and advice

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6/29/2016 5:28 PM

My friend selling me his kink barrier for 200. Checked for cracks, bends, etc and all is fine there. I've road around on it as well. Anything else I should check and is it a good deal? Anyone else who has owned the kink barrier could you share your experience?


6/29/2016 8:37 PM

full chromoly, fully sealed, double wall rims... I'd say go for it. It's almost a $500 bike new so $200 isn't bad if it's in good condition, maybe see if he'll go any lower. Can't hurt to ask haha


6/30/2016 3:04 AM

It depends how heavily it's been used, if it's like new, go for it. But for a bike that old I can imagine it having or developing a few issues.
But where I live second hand bmx parts are everywhere, and ridiculously cheap.