knee pads

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3/21/2012 6:03 PM

I don't know if this is a common question or not, but what are some good knee pads? Some you can wear under jeans that aren't rip em or bulge out or restrict movement. I guess I finnaly got tired of hurting knees when I fall


3/21/2012 8:59 PM

G-form knee pads are good they fit under jeans pretty good and actually protect really well too.


3/21/2012 9:30 PM

Yeah that fits what I was lookin for!


3/22/2012 9:54 AM

I have fox knee gaskets I use sometimes. But only whenever my knees would get ripped up.


Bike Check

3/22/2012 2:02 PM

i literally ordered some g-forms through work today (bike shop). once i get them ill throw up a little review or maybe review video on here for you guys smile



3/22/2012 3:39 PM

yea get some g-forms, or you could get some RED Cheaters if the G-Forms are too pricey, but the g-forms are definitely better