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5/17/2016 1:50 AM

in the market for some new knee pads want a quality heavy duty set as I fall a lot don't really feel like shelling out for fox or g-form pads though I was looking at the protect double down knee pads. was wondering if anybody had any experience with them and if they did the job for you? thanks in advance for any help


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5/17/2016 2:23 AM

Came to say G sport .

They all do the same , Fox makes good shit but you don't want them either . I'd say try the ones Kriss Kyle rides , Fuse . They make helmets but I've seen the pads in person and they seem solid


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5/17/2016 2:50 PM

Troy lee design knee shin combo. Hard shell, good coverage and don't cost a bomb.


5/17/2016 6:16 PM

I have set of the huge Protec Kneepads (Similar to what Vert skates use) and a set of Bicycle Union soft pads.

The Protecs are great with shorts and when I anticipate dumping it a lot/big impacts, and the Bicycle Unions are solid for under the jeans and to take lighter impacts pretty well.


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5/18/2016 8:04 AM

I have these and they are super comfortable and lightweight.
they don't slip, fit under pants and have a hard shell underneath for big impacts.
these are no joke and have saved me plenty of times!!
just do it!!