lame question i know

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5/10/2008 6:02 PM

Im just getting back into riding again and dont really know anyone where i live to ride with. I know there is millions of spots and people to ride with here I just dont know the best way to go about meeting other people to ride with with out coming across as a moron. Dumb question I know but any advice would be cool


5/10/2008 6:04 PM

get a friend to start riding with you, ride around town, look at some spots, and maybe youll find some other riders too


5/10/2008 6:09 PM

just rock up at a spot thats got a few riders (not packed) start riding and they will prob come over to you


GO BMX DAY!! August first yo!!

5/10/2008 6:35 PM

thanks for the advice


5/12/2008 2:12 PM

and be carreful because there are ''some riders'' that just want to get friends and then stolen tgeir bikes.