latest bike check. first one.

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3/17/2010 8:45 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/15/2016 1:35 AM

this is my bike, decent, but put a lot of time into it. its getting better and better little by little.

i have done shit with this bike, and it has survived.

frame: fit street signature 21"

bars: 8 inch rise eastern nitrous bPhotoars

grips: fit w/fit bar ends.

fork: odyssey classic race 3/8 dropouts standard OS.

headset: Kink Bike Co

stem: S&M Redneck LT

front wheel: Eclat Laced To Primo Hub and Odyssey Spokes

back wheel: Eclat' Laced To Black Primo Hub and Odyssey Spokes

cassette: G-Sport

tires: Fit Bike Co [Getting Odyssey Aitken Soon.]

sprocket: 25t Animal Sprocky Balboa

cranks: fits [twombolt 175mm soon]

chain: KMC Z with masterlink.

seat and post: animal stich with FBM post.

welgo pedals. idgaf bout pedals haha


3/17/2010 8:48 PM

nice... change the bars and pedals and itll be sweet-er... haha


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3/17/2010 8:50 PM

I like your wheel choices. Looks dialed


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3/17/2010 8:58 PM

i like it


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