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11/19/2015 9:55 PM

so as we all know...
so since we'll mostly be bummed cuz we cant ride till spring, except those lucky bastards who have indoor parks, or are in nice weather areas.... (Im looking at you California, texas, florida!)

What are some local bmx related projects happening in your neck of the woods? for me theirs a new bike/skatepark/trails? happening very close to my house you can check out....
here---> https://www.facebook.com/Lake-Ridge-Bike-and-Skateboard-Park-653062408147569/?fref=ts

and also the 2016 bmx usa nationals are going to be happening at my local track


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11/19/2015 11:55 PM

winter = practice flatland in the basement / weight training. spring = incorporate that flatland to street riding.


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11/19/2015 11:59 PM

Instagram went from shitty fucking jibs to video games , can't ride here anymore . Fuck .


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11/20/2015 4:26 AM

Got to keep an up date on our local park


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11/20/2015 6:50 AM

We have a tiny indoor park near me, a good one around an hour and change away, Twin Cities Fantasy Factory, and another indoor free one that is about an hour north that a buddy introduced me to. I'll be hitting those as often as I can.


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11/20/2015 8:34 AM

Building new trails at my friends farm. We have a ton of land and backhoes and bobcats so we can do anything. We've worked for like 2 or 3 days and have 3 jumps, one is huge.


11/20/2015 9:44 AM

hope errbody finds somewere to ride. I feel blessed were I live I have big indoor bike park within 10mins of my house with resi, Then joyride 150 is about 2 1/2 hrs away also have a couple small indoor skateboard parks the welcome bikes within an hour of my house. lets of options up here in Ontario.


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11/20/2015 10:23 AM

I can usually ride a decent amount in the winter. Still only like once a week. I'm gonna try to get a job so i can save up some money in the dark season. Probably try to go to the indoor thats an hour away a couple times too.


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