loner top tube is easier to manual with?

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10/1/2008 6:51 PM

what do you think?


10/1/2008 6:56 PM
Edited Date/Time: 10/1/2008 6:56 PM

it depends more of the rear end, the longer top tube is mostly to give you more room, but for me manuals are better with a shorter one, i rode a 21 and now a 20.5 and with my actual frame manuals are easier


10/1/2008 6:57 PM

It depends on your height...a shorter toptube is generally easier to get into the manual position...it depends on your body style/height as to whether a longer/shorter tt is easier to maintain manual position.


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10/1/2008 7:02 PM

I can only do manuals on my bike cause it's my bike :D


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10/5/2008 5:21 PM

a top tubes not going to teach you how to do something, go ride man . you'll figure it out no matter what bike size you are on . promise.


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10/5/2008 7:38 PM

its the rear triangle that makes a difference. longer= harder to start but easier to hold
shorter=easier to start but difficult to hold


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