looking for a bike for my son

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7/16/2015 1:34 PM

so my son is 3 and I want to get him a bike to see if he likes riding. was thinking about a strider, but someone told me that kink has a 12" bike. so I checked it out and it seems pretty legit, just wondering what some of you guys with kids think is the better choice.



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7/16/2015 2:21 PM

For a 3 year old a push bike is a better idea. He can learn to balance and get the basics down before stepping up to pedals.

There's lot's of push bikes coming out from BMX brands like United, Kink, Verde, etc, they're all very similar and very high quality.



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7/17/2015 1:22 AM

People should start their kids off riding early like this so by the time they are 18 they are pulling 360 whips flat lol. I wish i had started when i was younger, gives you more time to get good while at the peak of physical performance.