met up with the old school riders around me!

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3/10/2011 8:29 PM

aight so yesterday i was have a lil session by myself and a truck pulls up by my lil spot and the dude asks if he can ride with me. i told him he could so he left and got his bike and 2 of his friends. he came back with 3 oldschool haros in the back and his friends. we had a sweet lil session and heard some amazing stories. apparently there was a big dirt halfpipe about 5 years ago a mile from my house. it got destroyed though and theres a store there now sad . but these guys were awesome! and they said they were gonna stop by a couple times this summer to ride wit me and my crew!


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3/10/2011 8:31 PM

haha ya that reminds me of this old school rider i met


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