metal edges at skatepark

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2/9/2015 9:29 AM

what do you recommend for metal edging size on ledges at skateparks for BMX considerations? 2"(horizontal)x6" or 4" x 4"?


2/9/2015 1:58 PM

4x4 will obviously have better contact area since most pegs are around the 4" mark, but it's also more expensive. I have 2 boxes here and I'm not 100% sure without measuring but I'd say they're both about 2x2, as are most grind boxes you'll see at skate parks.

2x2 would be idea since the metal sticks above the rest of the grind box by however thick the metal is, so pegs will still slide on it easily without dragging on the rest of the box (Unless you lean on it funny)