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11/29/2015 3:15 AM

heyup, my son lewis is 7 and is riding a wethepeople seed 16, he is just starting to get to the stage where he will be getting some good air and starting tricks.

i was thinking about building him a custom 16 inch, is it worth it at this stage or should he just stay on the wtp.

if it is worth it, any advice about frames and other parts and a good place in the uk to purchase from would be really helpful.

we are in northants uk and lewis rides adrenaline alley



11/29/2015 5:17 AM

At that age I'd keep him on the wtp and start building an 18" instead. My son's 7 too and his 16" is starting to look too small. Although he doesn't have much confidence on a bike.
There's a lot more decent after market bits for 18" too. BSD and S&M make frames and forks, alienation make rims (probably not the only company). There's still small bars on the market too. The hardest part will be finding good short cranks


11/29/2015 12:17 PM

id just get him a base model because kids grow up so fast


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11/30/2015 9:12 PM

I agree with Grumpy Steve. He'll be over a 16" pretty quick. If he's really into it and riding hard it may be worth building him up a bad ass 18" as he can ride an 18" till the age of 13 or so like Brett Banasiewicz did.

There are a few decent aftermarket 18" frames out there too. Nothing I can think of in 16"

p.s. My 8 year old has been on a WTP Seed for 3 years



12/3/2015 5:31 AM

thanks everyone for your help, very much needed aswell, just making sure you are doig the right thing isnt easy, thanks to this forum and the members will get there

i will keep him on the wtp seed 16 inch, lewis is getting brave lately, i can see him flying very soon

i am going to build him a custom 18 as advised, when he has proper outgrown the 16 inch

hope its not to long, i need to build a masterpiece lol


12/4/2015 6:19 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/4/2015 6:20 PM

Lol my son is 8 and rides a 24 inch dirt jumper now it may be a tad to big but hes got insanely long legs so fits it pertty good


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12/5/2015 1:43 AM

Oldschool89 wrote:

Lol my son is 8 and rides a 24 inch dirt jumper now it may be a tad to big but hes got insanely long legs so fits it pertty ...more

a medium Kona Shony was too big for me at age 16 lol . Don't know how he does it


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