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bmxiscool bmxiscool
10/5/2008 12:46 PM

alright so even though my bike wont be here til monday i was out riding with like 4 other guys and on our way back we saw this one guys yard and he has like 10 big nice dirt doubles and we have no trails.... so i was thinking maybe i should ask if we could use them?

what u suggest? and i havent ridden trails in forever i'd probs embarrass myself


and bike gets here tomorrowS!

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bmx24 bmx24
10/5/2008 12:57 PM

yea ask him

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milou milou
10/5/2008 2:40 PM

ask him and be cool like sweep the jumps and water them then you ll be really tight with him and he'll be teaching you tricks over them and stuff

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timh timh
10/5/2008 10:22 PM
milou wrote:

ask him and be cool like ...more

ya. just say that you know how to take care of them and that you wont leave a mess and youll keep them real clean. im sure itll be chill

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Ryan_hockwald Ryan_hockwald
10/6/2008 12:18 AM

but if you tell him that
make sure you do all that stuff
dude i wish i could ride around my city and find a yard with doubles in front of it
you lucky tard

I ride in tight pants and what :]]

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