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8/10/2015 5:23 AM

my freecoaster has gone to shit. i am looking for something new. i was wondering wwhat each person thinks is the best freeecoaster. i have not seen a post like this for a good portion of time. what do you think is the best freecoaster, and why do you see it as best? the same for rims. this help would be greaty appreciated.


8/10/2015 5:57 AM

Odyssey clutch /thread


Da Laird

unfuckwithable ill

Refs-brokenbmx, MaximusBikes, Brian_Griffin, Colonydirt94, Aebasher

8/10/2015 6:06 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/10/2015 6:07 AM

Like 2-3 weeks ago there was something like 10-12 threads exactly like this one.

Most are very similar KHE style setups with tweaks here or there. Those tend to be pretty solid.

Or go with the just recently released Odyssey Clutch. Not a lot of end user (local rider) feedback yet, because it has been out for around 2-3 weeks.

Then you have the different style coasters like the Eclat Blind and the Profile Z coaster. They are a hybrid setup with a form of pawls and springs instead of a threaded clutch setup. The blind has mixed reviews due to spring issues, and the Z-Coaster is pretty spendy at 357, so not a lot of people have it.


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