need more buying advice? On BSD waza v2

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12/4/2013 7:17 PM

Hey guys I recently found out the bike I wanted to get has a bsd waza frame instead of a fit wifi is this a good frame I ride 100% street and plan to to be very tech I need a very responsive frame thankz guys



Refs:Mike-E -Profile minis, 7ka , and seatpost


12/4/2013 7:26 PM

ya it good or get Fly Bikes Isla Frame form dans for 250$


12/4/2013 8:11 PM

If you ride street. And want a tech frame . Then this frame was designed for you.

Very responsive !


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12/4/2013 9:02 PM

Hoffman Bama or Lady Luck frame from sidewall action sports site!


12/4/2013 11:20 PM

jets9998 wrote:

ya it good or get Fly Bikes Isla Frame form dans for 250$

Fly frames are weak as fuck dude.. They're like eastern back when they just started making light frames..


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12/5/2013 6:40 AM

i am riding the bsd wza v3 in 20.85 and it's very responsive, i love the geo and how it feels, and as far as i know, i think it will last a while. never get any fly frame, they snap, bend, crack, in no time


12/5/2013 8:17 AM

I dont think thats a wza pretty sure theyre all breakless and that frame you posted had gyro tabs


12/5/2013 8:55 AM

It's definitely not a WZA. Everything I can see on it though matches with the BSD Too Loose however, which came in the same colour as the frame you posted.