new bike and vids

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1/6/2016 3:01 AM


new bike, search jcbmx on youtube for videos. if anyone is interested in subscribing i'm trying to get my youtube channel started. let me know what you guys think of the videos and what i should do

1/6/2016 7:31 AM

I already subscribed back on your old thread when you where asking advice on whips smile I saw your other attempts too, keep trying man.

I think your channel is fine the way it is, just straight to business and no music (maybe a little would help if you ever do a longer edit though). I find it quite charming the way your channel is now. You remind me of my Dad, but I am most likely older than you are LOL


"STREET" all day, ere'day.

1/10/2016 9:06 PM

Well yeah more people need to subscribe lol. Idk but I need more videos for sure like hows to and a bike check at least