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5/27/2018 1:09 AM

Hi guys,

Yesterday I have been to a local bmx shopper here in Italy and he told me that my proper hub is fucked.

Since it's a complete proper wheel, I am looking for a new replacement.

I think I will get GS sport rim because I love it. The question is: Which front hub you'd suddgest?

My main is street but I also like to use ramp sometimes..I think the gs sporthub is the best choice?

Also, on the rear at the moment I have a shadow raptor v1 and an odyssey 7k.

If I am going to replace the hub aswell, what's the best cassette so far? I don't think profile because since I will grind aswell, it could be an issue with a profile.
I need a hub similar to the raptor..good quality, good resistance and good sound aswell.

Many thanks,



5/27/2018 1:20 AM

You could probably get spares to fix your hub, or only replace the parts you need to. But if you're getting a wheelset because you want one, odyssey antigram hubs on g sport ribcages will be solid and a nice matching pair.


5/27/2018 1:41 AM

do you prefer more the antigram vs the gs sport one ? thanks!


5/27/2018 2:17 AM

Well they're basically the same. G sport is owned by odyssey and it's all designed by the same guy. But with antigram front and rear you have matching wheels. The antigram cassette uses g sport internals, but g sport don't make a cassette hub right now


5/27/2018 2:44 AM

You could get a shadow front hub laced to an Odyssey rim if your back wheel is fine, the raptor is pretty loud anyway. If you really want it to be louder then replace the grease with some oil or other thinner lubricant.



5/27/2018 5:30 AM

Ya like Edman said, if you have no problems with your Raptor cassette I wouldn't replace it, I had a Shadow Raptor V1 for a while and I loved it! Shadow makes a Raptor front hub as well, so you can get an Odyssey Rim laced to a Shadow Raptor front hub....

But if you're buying new wheel, I 110% agree with Steve, Antigrams to Ribcages...


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5/27/2018 6:34 AM

If you like getting kicked out even faster get an instant engagement hub!

So they can hear you even when youre not grinding! Lol

I have an antigram, its an awesome design super burly, trust it. It does bring attention though as its fairly loud. Thats one of the reasons I switched to a freecoaster on the bike I primarily ride street with.

There are many reasons to own a cassette over a freecoaster though so Im not saying you should go for one over the other just those super loud hubs are not what I would want for a street setup.

I know this is not on topic really, I just saw the word "profile" and thought of those hubs that sound like bee swarms.


5/27/2018 3:26 PM

I have a rear Proper complete that I was going to get repaired, but since they are out of sight and out of country I decided to just build a new back wheel instead. My go-to mail order site wanted a bunch of money just for me to send them the wheel, plus my hub shell spoke holes are pretty well worn out. So I just disassembled it myself and kept most of the spokes and I know the rim is still true, and the spoke holes are fairly good still on the rim.. so I just plan on keeping the rim to lace up to another hub sometime in the near future, the axel is also still good but I don't know what all the axel is compatible with hub wise. Other than that I wish my Proper magnalite v2 hub was still good because all of the internals were replaceable through Proper bike co. , I am a firm believer that a bushing rather than a bearing in the driver is way better in my opinion.. I also hear that the Merritt Final Drive freecoaster hub uses a bushing, which is pretty rad for the price.. but I personally don't own a freecoaster hub, currently still rocking a Division Tactical cassette hub, holding strong and has a heat treated hub driver. Not the loudest but worth it


5/28/2018 9:27 AM


thank you sosososo much for your kind help and advice.

I think that, If I want to keep the shadow raptor, I won't paint it because my local shop told me that won't be a good idea since It will come off easily where are the holes of the spokes.

I was looking by the way the antigram that you suddgested me and, sadly, I have found out that antigram is out of stock everywhere because it ha been replaced by the vandero pro hub.

My question now is: should I get the vandero pro ? or Should I consider other hubs aswell? I like the vandero pro a lot but, look the specs, it seems very heavy. I am not a big fan of rails and grind. just feeble and smith.

Also, everybody suddgested the ribcage over the rollcage. IT's because it's stronger?

Many thanks!


5/28/2018 9:41 AM

The Vandero Pro is built like a tank and it holds up very well. Why is the weight an issue? It won't make much difference to the rotational weight as it's in the center of the wheel and it won't be noticeably heavier either.

The Ribcage is stronger than the Rollcage, due to the "ribs".

Why not fix your Proper hub? Proper carry spare parts for just about every part they've ever released.


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5/28/2018 9:45 AM

I have bought my complete proper wheel probably 4 years ago.
the problem with the hub is that now my front wheel move side to side ( few mm) when you are riding. is noticeable in few moments ( for example when you put pressure with your body on the handle bar).

The owner of the shop told me that the shield of the hub it became wider where you put the bearings ( hope you can understand ).
And, even if I should replace bearing, the problem will still stay.


5/28/2018 10:23 AM

mattiabmx wrote:

I have bought my complete proper wheel probably 4 years ago.
the problem with the hub is that now my front wheel move side to ...more

This should work but if you want to upgrade then go for it.
A heavier hub will be stronger.
The ribcage is the strongest gsport rim.