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adamnmexican adamnmexican
1/30/2015 1:40 PM

sorry non front brakers, its true.

skip to 0:55

yea, I'm bored

It’s all bmx

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TKeck TKeck
1/30/2015 2:12 PM

It didn't matter what discipline of BMX it was, Miron owned them all.

Bike Check

Instagram @tkeck74

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MaximusBikes MaximusBikes
1/30/2015 2:41 PM

Jay Miron rode in mid school like people struggle to ride now. The dude is so fucking good. What ever happened to him?

References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

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Mychaylo Mychaylo
1/30/2015 2:53 PM

Midschool is the best time in bmx history. Facts.

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eskimojay eskimojay
1/30/2015 3:43 PM

Met miron once cool guy dude killed it

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
1/31/2015 10:40 AM
MaximusBikes wrote:

Jay Miron rode in mid ...more

He got older, sold his part of Macniel, and backed out of BMX.

I hear he still rides, but you don't really see anything from him anymore.

"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

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