oppo grinds ... help!

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4/13/2014 11:26 PM

I'm right foot forward / naturally spin left / grind right.

I run 4 pegs and reeeaalllly want to use my oppo ones for easy 180's and combos ...

But for some reason I just can't hop onto my left side to grind, it just sketches me out when I'm approaching a ledge from the left side unless I'm doing a 180 grind.

Any tips / advice?


4/13/2014 11:40 PM

Your just going to have to man up and hop. Start with little baby ledges and just work up to it.


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4/13/2014 11:58 PM

I had this problem for a little bit; for me it was because it felt like I was going to clip my back pedal on the ledge (as it's so close to the peg). Like Gump said, you've just got to do it. To me they don't feel much harder than normal grinds.


4/14/2014 8:31 AM

I usually would hop up and stall it first for oppo grinds.

Also setting your bike into the stall and hopping out helps to get the feel of balance on that side.

Otherwise, huck it. Find a smaller, simple ledge to practice on and go nuts.


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4/14/2014 4:24 PM

I just threw 4 pegs on and it does feel weird. I stalled a couple times then just went for it on a small ledge. Ive only had 4 pegs for a few days and its already starting to feel pretty natural


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