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4/8/2009 2:15 PM

got destroyed it was complete bullshit we worked on them for months an had them finished an sum tree huggers flattened them out idk how they found them cuz they snake between bushes an shit an its in the hill. they we sick tho it was maybe a quarter mile worth of pack an they crossed over so two people bomb it at the same time but they are gone =/
an any tips on how to get my stuck pedal off its pissin me off i broke my 15mm open end wrench so an i got another an set it on the ground an stomped on the wrench still nothin i soaked it in wd i took the pedal body off an tryed in a vise then i bend the spindal to try to get more grip in the vise still nothin i tryed a pipe wrench an got no where an then i tryed grindin the spindal flat to get more grip an rounded that out What The Fuck should i do an i know im doin it the right way


4/8/2009 2:48 PM

sorry about your trails man.

heat it up with a propeleyne torch and itll come right off.


BMX riding Cop... Let that sink in for a minute.

4/8/2009 2:50 PM

left or right peddle?


I'm the 1% ressler711 cant beat the shit out of.

4/9/2009 8:34 PM

put the wrench on and hit it with a mallet while putting steady pressure on it.
sorry about the trails hide them better next time make them irremovable.


4/9/2009 10:49 PM

sorry about the trails wassat


ridaz gotta ride