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Dildroids Dildroids
9/2/2013 9:38 PM

Ok I have to ask I just started and I want to know what are some good parts... Please help thanks smile

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fitbikerider14 fitbikerider14
9/2/2013 9:41 PM

What parts wheels, forks, frames? A little more specific please smile

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Gump Gump
9/2/2013 9:55 PM

If you've just started just run what ever you have until you break something

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Dildroids Dildroids
9/2/2013 9:57 PM

I could, well anything to be frank lol... I do plan on riding what I have just ideas for future parts

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biggybuggy biggybuggy
9/2/2013 9:57 PM

If i were you id go cheap at first and get stuff like poverty cranks and beat on those until they break.

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TheMotherShip TheMotherShip
9/2/2013 11:19 PM

well i think you should start out with what you got then run it till it breaks and just swap parts out then if you decide bmx is something you want to continue either build your current bike up with parts that you want or just build your own dream setup if you look in the product section you will see some reviews of parts from several different companies

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D.M.O. D.M.O.
9/3/2013 3:06 AM

Some parts i would recommend:

- BSD Raider frame / S&M frames
- Odyssey R25 or R32 forks
- BSD / G-Sport hubs
- G-Sport rims
- Cult Pedals / Odyssey PC or JCPC Pedals
- Strictly Bitch Cranks
- Most BSD bars
- Cult Faith grips / ODI Longneck grips
- Odyssey Hawk tires / Cult Dehart tires / Fit F.A.F. tires
- Tree / Odyssey Million Dollar Sprocket
- Cult Salvation stem

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FuckYoCult FuckYoCult
9/3/2013 5:26 AM
D.M.O. wrote:

Some parts i would ...more

Naw brah brah.
Go to like Danscomp, and go to the parts and click wieght asendingg.
It lists the lightest first, and like those are totz the best.

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Put in work.
Put in work.
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