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9/23/2013 6:27 PM

I just got a new front wheel so i was taking the pegs off my old one and my front peg wont come off because it looks like the washer is bent. i havn't taken it into a bike place yet but i was just wondering if there would be any way to get it off without further damaging the wheel.


9/23/2013 8:01 PM

WD40 that biatch.


9/23/2013 8:34 PM

My rear axle washers warp and I run 17mm nuts. All you can do is keep on pulling as much as you can and find something soft to tap or hit the peg with. There's really nothing else you can do, and if it's inside your fork, it's gonna be even harder. Once you get everything out, try filing the inside of the spacer if you can or just run without to be safe.


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