plz HELP!!can a Cruiser GT pro series be used as a freestyle bmx??

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12/2/2016 12:09 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/2/2016 12:11 PM

please someone help me
Can a cruiser GT pro series be used as a freestyle bmx CUs iv seen guys ride freestyle with GT bmxs ,the forks on the cruiser GT pro series are normal bmx forks they not racing forks

So can it be used for a freestyle bmx??

Can anyone PLEASE HELP?


12/2/2016 1:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/2/2016 1:05 PM

You can ride your bike however you want. But this bike isn't the best for freestyle.


Scooter kid trying to ride a bike.

12/2/2016 2:34 PM

I wna use it for free. Style is it gna handle free style?


12/2/2016 2:39 PM

No, it's a bigger bike than a 20". Everything will be harder. It's a race bike


12/2/2016 10:38 PM

Alright thanx so stick to mongoose,fit ect.


12/2/2016 10:55 PM

Where in the hell is ZAF?

and YES, you can ride any bike you like to do tricks on.

BUT, there are better bikes to do it on than a race bike. The GT cruiser is a race bike.....


12/2/2016 11:05 PM

ZAF is South Africa isint it

Ye true thanx