primo remix vs. dartmoor sector v2

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11/24/2013 2:05 AM

Wich one do you think is better ? arguments if you have.Thanks !


ride with spirits

11/24/2013 7:14 AM

considering i had a primo remix and it skipped constantly i wouldn't recommend it to anyone, i have no idea what this Dartmoor sector v2 is ill have to take a look at the specs for it


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11/24/2013 8:11 AM

I see that many of the remix owners or ex owners are not very satisfied with it , so I will go for the dartmoor (european brand) ,they are cheaper than primo and nobody had complained about it.Thanks a lot .


ride with spirits

11/24/2013 9:58 AM

I loved my remix. my friend has profile minis and he messed his up and doesn't want to call profile about, not sure why but hes riding my primo wheels right now and he loves them better than his minis



11/24/2013 12:39 PM

I have a Primo Mix (Cult Match) and i dig it. Never really skips, maybe once in a blue moon, although im on my Odyssey coaster now.


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