profile mini ss cassette help!!!!

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4/26/2013 12:09 AM

so my left side of my profile mini wont tighten, when i try to tighten it, the right side of the axle spins with itt??? and when i do get it tight after a couple grinds the left side just got completly lose...i ordered a new axle because the guy from the bike shop said it was that?? has anyone else had this problem?


4/26/2013 12:53 AM

just do them up super tight, ive never had ny problems with mine getting loose after grinding


4/26/2013 4:26 AM

my friends did that and he stripped something, but use to sockets and tighten them at the same time


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4/26/2013 5:37 AM

get a peg with a anit spin pin on the left


4/26/2013 6:32 AM

Mine never came loose, and my current Demolition wheel doesn't loosen either. Tighten them well and land smoother into your grinds. Also anti-rotation pins help.


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