repainting/new parts...which should i go with

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12/15/2009 10:08 AM

so right now my bike is raw and taken apart. i have a specialized fuse 4 with lumberjacks and some other parts (not important).
i have 2 ideas. and rasta

frame,forks,bars,front rim,seat,pedals,cranks all black

im gonna buy a fit dl rasta stem

i have red hubs

what color edwin grips should i get? black or red

main thing is that i want whole bike black but rasta stem, silver chainwheel, chrome back rim, and red hubs so plz give me ideas to make it look tightt and red

everything black except the following: red grips,red stem,red hubs,red pedals(pc),silver chainwheel,chrome back rim.

also plz give ideas to make look sick if u like this choice better

im just tryin to make it look sick and not tacky for a resonable price. hah



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12/15/2009 10:54 AM

Fuck it! Go with Black with Rasta parts!

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