replacement for the federal frame

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12/21/2014 3:00 PM





Testimony and apologies

I want everyone to know that Jesus Christ died on the cross for all of your sins, he went to hell for three days and defeated death and rose from the grave on the 3rd day.

What would Jesus say: I didn't die for you to live like this!

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12/21/2014 5:58 PM

Way to buy a satanic frame! You are gonna go to hell!


I love my bike but i hate myself
bike check


12/21/2014 6:07 PM

The s on the headtube stands for satan
Also frames are composed of triangles


Honestly? Who gives a shit. Its the fucking internet. I hate all of you equally.

12/21/2014 6:17 PM

Thats an awesome frame lol Too bad the federal went bad.


References: OneGuyIlluminatiEye, robinson79, Brian Griffin, The Horror Contact, StoreBoughtChild, C_Johnsonbmx, dkTechEthan, etc.

12/22/2014 12:07 AM

Fuck Sunday but this is the one frame I liked. The ants really did it for me. The only other acceptable one is the grape soda complete , that was dope too.


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