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10/8/2015 4:52 AM

can anyone recomend good skin and ankle protectors?


10/8/2015 9:16 AM

Don't know about ankle guards but the new shadow conspiracy shin guards are awesome. Super comfy and lightweight.


10/8/2015 6:06 PM

I ride with Triple 8 shin whip guards, I like them.

As for ankle idk. Are you looking for an ankle guard or brace or what? Cause I have an ACE ankle supporter/stabilizer I got at Wal-Mart and it does its job nicely.


10/8/2015 6:38 PM

Troy lee design shin/knee combo, they arent for skinny jeans but id rather have hard shell protection than $wagg


10/8/2015 8:18 PM

Might get made fun of for this but I just got to walmart and get Nike soccer shin guards the come with hard plastic ankle protectors. To for been running mine for a year they work pretty good I slip pedals all the time doing whips and only 20 bucks


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10/8/2015 11:00 PM

FUSE whips


10/9/2015 12:50 AM

Pryme Shin/Ankle guard


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10/9/2015 6:37 AM

turmoil wrote:

Don't know about ankle guards but the new shadow conspiracy shin guards are awesome. Super comfy and lightweight.

Shadow is dropping a super nice looking ankle guard pretty quick here, might not work well with mids and hightops thought.


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10/9/2015 7:51 AM

axel05 wrote:

FUSE whips

Yep, these are the best! They protective the front and sides and if you can find the ones with the built in ankle protection... even better! Been on these for years

AS for those shadow guards, tried them...they are crap. If money isnt an option and ya want something slim like the shadow, get some Gform pads.,



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10/9/2015 11:08 AM

Harbor freight knee-pads on shin.... yep...


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10/14/2015 9:32 AM

Shadow conspiracy. Invisi-lites are pretty cool.


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10/31/2015 12:56 PM

I have the fly racing ones and they are annoying as hell! Constantly sliding up and down and they don't cover the lower part of your shin. As far as taking impact you can't feel a thing!!


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10/31/2015 1:43 PM

I had try the fuse whip and the new shadow shinners. Shadow is the way to go.
With the fuse, there's a plastic plank inside, you close them by 4 scratches behind but i don't like them because they are fucking warm and also because they slip a lot so you have to tight the top scratch a lot and re adjust them a lot while riding so between that and the warm it make them really uncomfy.
With the new shadow, you just slip it around your shin before to put your shoe, the protection is less important but those compact foams protect still really well.
And for comfort, they are superlight, are not hot (you are not sweating like in a sauna inside your shinners like with the fuse ones) and you can wear them all day long. What else can you ask more ?