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1/15/2014 1:44 PM

Whenever i buy any frames or parts it seems i keep it the stock color for a while then i raw it then paint it flat black. So do you guys keep your parts/frames stock color or custom paint them?


1/15/2014 1:45 PM

Ive had over 10 frames, i think i ended up painting them all black or rawing unless i sold them.


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1/15/2014 1:46 PM

i started blue nnow im raw i probibly wont change color again unless my frame breaks


1/15/2014 1:48 PM

I always end up rawing it, leaving it for a few months then painting it blavk again...its just an endless cycle of rawing amd painting the same frame


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1/15/2014 2:28 PM

I always Let them stock. I cant paint good, seems imposible to me to raw properly and all that.




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1/15/2014 2:31 PM

get drunk and spray painting has worked wonders for me


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1/16/2014 8:29 PM

i painted my forks but now my frame but that was only cause i really like the color of my frame