subrosa alameda or fit dak

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6/10/2009 9:18 PM

subrosa alameda or fit dak which one should i get


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6/10/2009 9:19 PM

whats up with all the uncle sam pics today


i done did got a federal now

6/10/2009 9:34 PM

id go with the subrosa


ferthebirdz wrote: my pegs are called cranks..

6/10/2009 10:43 PM

isn't the alameda the one with the weird bent seattube?


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6/11/2009 1:32 AM

Fit DAK.
I dun like zebras


More n more n more

6/11/2009 7:00 AM

Fit Dak....i believe fit also has a lifetime warrenty. and subrosa frames are weird


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6/11/2009 7:18 AM