subrosa noster V.S. Fiend embryo

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8/1/2013 12:56 AM

which one is better ?


8/1/2013 8:43 AM

they both have really similar geometry. the noster has a higher stand over at 9", unless you were to get the embryo in a 21 or 21.25" top tube because the geometry changes to a 9" stand over. The embryo also has a slightly shorter back end, making things like hops a bit easier. I personally have been riding an embryo since last october and its been my favorite frame. its definitely also been my strongest frame. i put my bike through hell and have almost all fiend parts, theyre just fucking bad ass. I would get the embryo if i were you, plus youd be supporting a newer company and i can guarantee garrett will take good care of you if there was anything wrong. garrett is a wicked nice dude and obviously wants the best for his company and everybody who supports him


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8/1/2013 9:05 AM

Get the Embryo in the new Mint color sooo nice!


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8/1/2013 9:10 AM

My next frame will be the Embryo


8/1/2013 9:42 AM



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