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8/21/2012 9:10 PM

i am getting back into the bmx scene after a few yrs. i had no bike so i looked into buying one. long story short i found someone on craigslist selling a brand new gt performer 2009 for $150. i talked him down to $40 lol. figured it would be better to re-learn some stuff on this for its price. now my thing is i slowly wanna swap out parts on it but since i been gone i dont really know whats good and whats not. so i would like suggestions. all help is appreciated


8/21/2012 9:19 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/21/2012 9:24 PM

Heres some parts that will last you a long time:
G-sport Ribcage Rims
G Sport Hubs
Odyssey,Kink,S&M Forks
Frames: Kink,Sunday,S&M,Skavenger, Fit etc. (most of todays aftermaket frames are good,just pick a geometry you like)
S&M challenger stem
Eclat,Odyssey,Profile Cranks
That should help you out with most your main parts..