suggestions for a good halflink chain

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6/17/2012 9:43 PM

I wouldn't trust a half link
A friend of mine went through three plus a DK exo one and he's still getting shadows, pretty dumb, they stretch and half links are bent pieces of metal. Full links are straight forward and can be very thick because of that, which is why they are also cheaper.
I wouldn't want to wait for a damn half link to be done stretching till I can comfortably ride it. I don't want to spend $20-$30 bucks for that, plus have to buy the "proper tools" which is is $20-$30 more for a damn chain.

They cult 510 is thick, cheap, never stretched on me, and the $5 danscomp chain breaker worked wonders on it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than a half link.


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6/20/2012 8:16 PM
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ok so iv narrowed my choices down to odsy bluebird or a cult 510. so what should it be?


6/21/2012 4:33 AM

i run a cult half link and it's really great, has not streched at all, use for disasters or sometimes have hit it cause i'm learning crank arm grinds and it is totally fine, personal preference though, if you want a half link go for it. and give your thoughts about it. shadow is a good company in my personal preference


6/30/2012 5:20 PM

i just bought a odsy bluebird, thanks for the suggestions


6/30/2012 5:59 PM

Dude the shadow links even without like hitting it of anything come apart in like a month the pins suck and you cant use an 8t cassette.


6/30/2012 6:57 PM

Half links blow dick.


6/30/2012 7:51 PM


Good: strong, will last a long time.
Bad: stretches very quickly, and a lot, rusts very bad too if it gets a drop of rain on it.

I have a kmc kool chain and its pre stretched and tightened by kmc so it can not stretch, it doesn't rust, and its been holdin up real tight since i got it in late febuary


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7/1/2012 12:04 AM



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7/1/2012 11:42 AM

I just ride a $10 KMC chain. They all snap eventually so there's no point spending a bunch of money on one.


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7/1/2012 12:08 PM

i love my cult chain


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7/1/2012 12:18 PM

i didnt want to start a new thread, but what exactly is the point of a half link? or is it just one of those things that makes you "the coolest"


7/1/2012 3:59 PM

shadows are legit ive had two and both last forever, and longer if you take good care.


7/1/2012 4:10 PM

Get the Cult halflink. I've got it and its been holding up great and i ride my back wheel slammed so my chain is really tight. ive had it for about 2 months, and ive never put any chain lube on it and its still just as good as when i put it on.