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2/11/2010 6:54 AM

ok so i ride a fit str 2 with 20.5 inch frame and like 13.65 inch chainstay i think around there
and i want the wethepeople zodiac wich has 20.8inch tt and 13.25 inch chaistays
ok well with wtp feel simlar to 20.5 since the chaistays are smaller or will i still notice the .3 inch difference on the tt?


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2/11/2010 6:59 AM

Dude, .3" is minimal. I don't think that part of it will feel that much different. The almost 1/2" on the rear end may feel a little different when doing manuals and what not though.


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2/11/2010 7:08 AM

youll get used to it
before i got my 20.75tt sunday with a 13.75 rearend i was a riding a diamondback with a 20tt and 14.5 backend
i noticed the difference right away and i loved it and got used to it in the first 30 minutes


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