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1/3/2014 10:19 PM

What have you done for bmx? It was illigal to ride at the only skatepark in town so I made change and now it's all good n' legal. Couldn't believe how many bmx'ers my town actually had.


1/3/2014 10:22 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/3/2014 10:23 PM

i have helped improve bmx's public image in our town by being much nicer to the elderly haha
the cops however hate us
i almost got ticketed for vandalism of a public ledge, and i had no pegs at the time lol


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1/3/2014 10:30 PM

Our park is behind a police station so no cop problems ever except the occasional "why do you ride" and "do you know who this is? They havent been to school in a week" questions that the early morning cops ask if you are young enough lol. But uh I guess im nicer than alot of the riders and I give away parts from time to time. Especially giving away bulletproof parts so I guess im kinda helping it grow.



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1/3/2014 10:32 PM

bmxsteve99 wrote:

i have helped improve bmx's public image in our town by being much nicer to the elderly haha
the cops however hate us
i almost ...more

Wtf? Cops. I want to like them. But they literally harass us with no reason. Getting sick of them.


1/4/2014 8:27 AM

Im respectful when anyone, even the cops tell me to leave.i've also explained what bmx is to so many people, i think they should have an open mind about the sport now.


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1/4/2014 8:41 AM

I adjusted a little kid bike, put pegs in and i tried to theach him how to bunny hop.




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1/4/2014 9:12 AM

I got a few more riders in the sport and attempted to educate the people on what BMX really is.


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1/4/2014 2:03 PM

I got to know a bunch of cops. the wrong way. lol

then they got to know us, and don't fuck with us as much... at least they used to... now its all freshies and stuff... its all good, I aint around much no more anyway.

also getting more people to start riding and such

besides that ive probably just made it worse honestly, and unfortunately enough


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