this is really so true...

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3/4/2014 5:15 PM


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3/4/2014 6:29 PM

Haha not gonna lie I've done that, i got hit by a car once and got up right away to check to see if my bike was ok


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3/4/2014 6:33 PM

Yup. When I wrecked Myself I came round & the first thing I asked was Where's My Bike & then when I saw I'd taco'd the Wheel I just Yelled FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! & some very nice person came over to check I was O.K LoLages. I Dragged the Bike Home, threw it down in My Drive Way & My Dad saw it asked what happened & when I told him, My Parentals kept an eye on Me through out the night & then took Me to the Doctors the next day to get checked for a concussion. I was SUPER PISSED for about a Week until My Parents bought Me a Primo Freewheel Hub laced up to Hula Hoop & that thing lasted FOR-EVER!!


3/4/2014 7:46 PM

I hate falling on the littlest shit like 180's flat or to that degree and your bike gets all scratched and your bars get out of place. Its just annoying. I'd rather try to 3 a 9 set and have my bars snap then get some part damaged from little stuff.


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3/4/2014 8:52 PM

Big air to sprained ankle. I checked if my front wheel was OK.


3/4/2014 9:47 PM

I usually get up real quick due to me not wanting to be embarrassed or from the adrenaline. Unless I get a deep shinner or cut or something alone those lines, then sometimes I kinda go into minor shock.


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3/5/2014 6:13 AM

Soooo true




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