tire pressure issue

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9/28/2008 8:48 PM

so the other week..my tire was going flat at night while i wasnt riding. id have to re-air my tire everymorning and during the day it was fine for the most part.

i ended up changing my tube due to it probably being a tube leak (small one)

that fixed the problem however i have a new problem..

my tires only holding like ~80 psi of air (the tire says 100-110) so its not a tire restraint issue but like my tires just won't air up past 80 psi.. like physically no matter how long the air pump sits there airing it up.

what could be causing this u guys think?


9/28/2008 8:50 PM

WAY TOO MUCH AIR. the PSI ratings on the tire are for the tube you had them with. the tube probably shouldn't go past 50


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9/28/2008 8:51 PM

well the 100 - 110 is a max thing. if you can only do 80 in there then just do that. if you force it in then you might end up giving the tube a pressure tear. so just put in as much as you think is good. i ride right about 80- 90psi


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9/28/2008 8:52 PM

my original tube that came with the bike before it started leaking was holding 100 with ease. and its not like u can buy "high performance tubes" or atleast it doesnt matter. id rather get diposables and just throw them out when they go flat than spending double or triple on a "good" tube


9/28/2008 8:54 PM

plus 50 psi is useless i wouldn't believe that, and 80 psi isnt enough. my rim grounds out when landing from high heights, yeah im a little heavy as in just over 200 but it should not be making a buggy/ground out noise landing from only like 2 or 3 feet up..any higher than that id be afraid that my rim would shatter into 10203123 pieces


9/29/2008 3:01 AM

Air compressor I assume? The high setting on it is probably 80 psi. Check that out and see what happens. Also, if using a hand pump, it is super hard with some pumps to get much more than 80 psi into it.


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9/29/2008 5:41 AM
Edited Date/Time: 9/29/2008 5:42 AM

Haha being the idiot I am i filled mine up to 110 when it said max 60 psi it blew and shredded the tire with it


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9/29/2008 9:37 AM

my airpump just sits in my garage never touched by anyone but me and it is the same pump that initially got my tire to ~100 psi

i fucking hate not being at like atleast 90 psi cuz my rim smacks the ground eveyrtime i land, it blows (yeah im fat)