tire setup

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2/18/2012 3:36 PM

front: shadow undertaker 2.25
rear: demolition momentum 2.20

does it sound good?, any one ever tried this?


2/18/2012 3:40 PM

i have an faf 2.25 and a momentum 2.2 coming in the mail, if you're riding street then what just said, if trails or all around then a ruben up front


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2/18/2012 6:16 PM

i wouldnt buy them. but sounds good for a budget.


2/18/2012 6:28 PM

setup sounds good to me. The momentum will be a nice back tire. Im running it up front with a ASM in the back but i plan on moving the momentum to the back when the ASM wears out just because i want a slightly knobbier tire in the front. But all around its a sick tire.


2/18/2012 6:49 PM

not bad


2/18/2012 7:00 PM

I went from momentums front and back to fafs the momentums were so much better I think I'm going to try some deharts next though