tirrra v3???

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1/22/2010 2:29 AM

does any one know if the tirra v3 will accept 2.25 tires (slammed)?
and what gear ratio do you need to slam it?
i want to buy every thing at one time!!


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1/22/2010 2:54 AM

It should, if not get a smaller tyre.


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1/22/2010 3:46 AM

Reason for sush a big tyre on the back ???

The ratio thing. I'll test that out when I get it lol. I run 25-9 and im hoping that it will be slammed.


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1/22/2010 4:38 AM

why dont you just get a ratio you like instead of one that slams?


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1/22/2010 9:23 AM

yea. i had a 2.3 in the rear


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1/22/2010 1:48 PM

wat the hell does slammed mean when it comes to ratio?


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1/22/2010 5:54 PM

25t-9 works and it slams the wheel so you dont even need to use the tensioners.
I use the shadow interlock chain and I have to chainbreak the chain back on while its installed on both the sprocket and cassette driver.
It takes al ittle finagling but its the only way if you want it slammed and the chain perfectly tight and still spin freely.