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12/12/2007 1:55 PM

anybody got any tips on 360's, barspins, or nice flat tabletops? wheres the best place to practice them?


12/14/2007 3:46 PM

hey for barspins, now im still tryin them its hard, but try to pinch the seat between your legs to hold up the bike and keep it from nose diving, and try to follow the bars around as they spin-when i say that i mean dont just keep your hands in front of your stomach, try to catch the bars a tiny bit early until you perfect it. The tabletops i practince on 1080 kickers!laughing Now im gettin better at them but not perfect. When you're pulling up off the jump, once you are off the jump pull with one of your hands and push with the other. Try to kick the back end of the bike up by pushing your leg at the same time as your hand. Long Post? who knows. now i 4get the other trick, but i think it was one i am still trying to figure out.


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