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8/10/2015 4:45 AM

Can you suggest some easy and fun tricks for me to learn? I ride street only so I learn tricks either on flat or out a small bank/bump. Don't say 180s Im working on them I get the rotation I just can get into the fakie yet, but will soon do em. I can bunny hop about wheel height, if that matters.



8/10/2015 5:55 AM

360 tiretap
Tire grab
Seat grab
No hander
One footer
Can can
Grizz air
No footer


8/10/2015 6:10 AM

Pretty much anything you see anywhere else in BMX is something you can try. Barspins, Whips, no handers, no footers, crankflips, no foot cans, can cans, manuals, rocket manuals, hang 5s, whiplashes, x ups, tables, spin, toboggans, turndowns, seat grabs, peg grabs.

It's FREESTYLE, there is no set trick list you have to do on certain things.


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