ugh need help deciding.

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3/6/2016 4:25 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/6/2016 4:36 AM

Im thinking about getting into grinding. (i tried for a few days but got put off from hub damage and a dent on my frame but im going to put a chainstay protector on, hubguard and hope my frame holds up because its a low frame)
my bike doesn't have hub guards that are made for them so im just thinking about getting the united supreme ones that (fit most hubs) but it will be such a pain in the ass if they dont fit because it will take weeks to get my $$$ back.
And also untied stealth plastic peg just because of the diameter which is 40mm, i like fat pegs and i want them bigger than my dropouts so i dont grind on the dropouts. only thing is the peg is only 100mm (4inch) long?
Ive hurd short pegs like that are hard to grind with and slip?
im not sure what other pegs have a diameter of 40mm and are longer than 4inchs.
any help is appreciated!
thanks! smile
(ps i just want plastic pegs because the people at my park get so shitty when there is wax there)
and my town has not the best grinding surfaces.


3/6/2016 5:48 AM

Just use your pedals.
All you need to do is land in grinds properly and it won't slip out. The only reason the rear peg slips off doing feebles is because people land at too much of an angle. Plenty of people can do dropout feebles without it slipping because they land in the right place with their weight central. I used to do them when I was lhd. I can also do dropout smiths (they scare me every time, so for a while I used a thick washer to give me more area to land on).
The moral of this story is, if you do them properly, you won't slip. And .5" won't make a huge difference anyway