verde vex

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7/22/2009 2:45 PM

Do not buy the Verde vex its nothing but problems for me. the bars are bent, the hubs are unsealed so they are all shitty now same with the bb. the rims are single wall and bend easily. and other stuff probably to but dont buy it and go through the trouble i have with the bike. and the frame dents like tinfoil. just complete shit and waste of money


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7/22/2009 2:46 PM



7/22/2009 3:49 PM

the 2010 model is great my brother has it the hubs are semi sealed the bb is sealed
its a nice bike
your just a retard


ferthebirdz wrote: my pegs are called cranks..

7/22/2009 3:52 PM

i have the 09 and agree with u, i bent my back rim, bars broke, stem cracked, no problems with frame tho, atleast it was cheap ive replaced most parts already