what bike should I get

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7/31/2015 9:49 AM

Should I get the 2016 kink gap or the fit Aiken 1 I'm am some what a beginner I can bunny hop high and foot-jam fakie and stuff what bike will be the best?


7/31/2015 11:31 AM

Did you ask this question like a couple of months ago people already to you to get the fit you said that you was going to buy it from your bike shop so what happen and now you is back asking the same question go with fit aiken 1 or other fit bikes or a high end kink bike or a used custom from crigslist.


7/31/2015 2:28 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/31/2015 2:29 PM

You should check your previous thread for the relevant answers you already received.


Also your comment about 2hip tells me you are ignorant.


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8/1/2015 8:12 AM

Get a mongoose mode 900