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bryan d bryan d
5/20/2009 8:59 PM

people who get up early in the morning cause war, death, and famine.

trading refs:live free live to ride, agfracing,ridebmx456,ryanxanimalbmx,wallywangois2hip, harry95, Josh08

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swwyobmx swwyobmx
5/20/2009 9:01 PM

the ones you like

dont think of it as rape, think of it as surprise sex. and who doesnt love a surprise?

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codynelson codynelson
5/20/2009 9:09 PM

or the flys lol
i like revenges thou

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kelly kelly
5/20/2009 9:11 PM

their both good. fly are lighter and look better. i would just get evo 2's there sint anything better about the fly or revengs that the evos dont have

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codynelson codynelson
5/20/2009 9:21 PM
kelly wrote:

their both good. fly are ...more

except flys and revenges have berings and u can use reveges as a truing stand

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dave lawrence dave lawrence
5/20/2009 9:24 PM

I have flys, they are great

"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?" -Kyle Kinane

"BIKES!" -Tom Segura

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nirvestreetrider nirvestreetrider
5/20/2009 11:17 PM

i run evo 2s with kool stop pads. work great. my friend runs flys, they are awesome to.

( .Y. )

09 Kink Transition...yes...i ride a tranny.

Im the CLIT commander of the sexy army.

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5/21/2009 1:02 AM

I run proper magna's, the clear pads work amazing on coloured rims.

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montymitch montymitch
5/21/2009 8:59 AM


Yes, I really live in Wyoming.

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